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“This incredible program shows parents how to help their children prepare for success in today’s world. Nancy Phillips has laid it out simply and effectively so parents finally have a roadmap to follow.”

Nicola King

Hi Nancy,

I wish we had “Built a Bank” sooner, it would have stopped so much begging for me to buy my daughter Lauren (8) things. Now she manages her own money and is learning for herself the value of a dollar. In fact last week she wouldn’t buy some earrings because they cost too much. She learned the hard way about how much taxes are. It’s a beautiful thing, I am learning to let go of trying to control what she spends her money on and am letting her make her own choices, and, at the same time she is making amazing choices.

I remember humming and hawing about giving Lauren an allowance and how to teach her about spending and saving…then I realized, why am I trying to reinvent the wheel here. Nancy has already done all the research and I just have to trust in and follow her lead. It’s working out amazingly well!

Thanks, Nicola King

Deannie Zahara, mom of three

Hi Nancy, I am so grateful that I went into Save-On that day and came across your books. It is so fantastic to read them to my girls and watch their little minds grow, and yes, as you said, no more temper tantrums in or leaving stores! I’m lovingly firm in ‘let’s put it on your wish list’ and surprisingly they have barely anything on that list! It was “in the moment” that they had hard time with. I have been talking about your books to everyone I know, and I even carry them with me in my purse. Lol and so many people are just in awe! So thank you for doing this. I know it’s not easy with so many people not wanting to talk about money, and preferring to live in a world of denial. But as you said, it’s the power of one! One person can make a difference, and it has a ripple effect. And soon, No one will be afraid of talking about money.

- Deannie Zahara, mom of three

David Vogelsang, Financial Confidence blogger

Hi Nancy,

Since finding your Zela Wela Kids blog and buying all of your books I feel like I’ve found a treasure trove of great information that, not only supports what I’ve been saying, but also teaches me more on topics that I, as a parent, am very interested in and thankful for learning about. I especially love the book on teaching the difference between needs and wants. I love your wish list and use it for both of my kids. I also love the idea of kids building their own “GISS” (give, invest, save, spend) bank. That was an awesome activity that my kids and I really enjoyed.

Thank you so much for the wealth of great information that you supply me with and I really look forward to your new blog posts as well as your tweets. I plan on giving your books to my family members and neighborhood kids as Christmas gifts and spreading your good word.

Kind regards,

David Vogelsang, Financial Confidence blogger

Leslie O.

Hi Nancy,

Just following up on your presentation last night and wanted to let you know that I was so glad I went. There were things that I hadn’t realized, you opened my eyes.
Even my husband came home feeling the same way. Once we got home he actually sat down with the kids for almost an hour to discuss your presentation.
Very grateful and looking forward to your audio release in the new year!

-Leslie O.

From Nolan, age 14

Dear Nancy,

Thank you … I personally loved it (the book) and I am going to make my own cereal box bank. It is also an amazing idea having give, invest, save and spend because it is a perfect balance between needs, wants and feeling good. I also liked how interesting the book is and how it makes you want to build a bank of your own. I think everyone should have their own bank.

- From Nolan, age 14

Elise K.

I loved reading about the GISS method to give, invest, save and spend your money instead of just spend. The visual example of four jars being designated for specific purposes motivated me to partake in the exercise. I learned the objective is not save all your money OR live paycheck to paycheck, instead find the balance.

- Elise K.

Kelly L.

I liked the part about the difference between debit & credit, SO important to learn when you gain access BEFORE you go down the “bad debt” path. I have friends that didn’t learn this as a teen and suffered for their mistakes…for 7+ years! I hope they start teaching financial planning in high school!!!

- Kelly L.

Rachel. G.

One of the steps I found most interesting and relevant was the one about Identity Theft. I had my identity stolen due to my own negligence (leaving my SIN number and a blank check in my wallet which was stolen). I did not expect this subject to be addressed in a guide about finances. I also loved the advice about not wasting energy constantly comparing yourself to others.

- Rachel. G.

Chad L.

I found the power of cash, the GISS Method of money management and the positive power of mistakes the most interesting and valuable because they were lessons that I believe could change the outcome of a person’s life.

I really liked the guide, it was interesting and I learned a lot. I thought that the quotes and references were really what kept me into it. I liked completing the steps on paper, it helped me think about the big picture.

- Chad L.

Lisa L.

I loved the activity book and having a chance to write down my life plans, it will serve as a tangible reminder of the goals and commitments I made. How inspiring would it be to recover the completed steps 5 years down the road and see what remains valuable in your life and what doesn’t? This information was more relevant to me than I expected and I was motivated to keep reading and find what juicy advice would be in the next step.

Lisa L.

Hey I’m one of your biggest fans and I’m spreading your music everywhere I go because you all are very inspiring. I love you guys and thank you for being a wonderful band.