7th Grader, Golden Gate Middle School Naples, Florida

The concert was awesome and so much fun. The talk about credit scores was very useful and I am going to use all of your tips. And please keep doing what you do because a lot of kids can use those tips.

Shari Smith, United Way Volunteer, Asheville Middle School, Asheville, North Carolina

The kids and staff really enjoyed it yesterday. The band is musically, vocally, and interpersonally GREAT. You can really sense the passion that Gooding has in getting this message out to kids early. I wish that information was available to me at an early age, but it’s never to late to get it together. Again, thank you so much!

Senior, Golden Gate High School, Naples, Florida

Awesome concert today, you guys have really helped me out, I’ll be heading to AMDA next year as a freshman and your advice helps so much, keep rockin’ can’t wait to hear you guys again #GoodingRocks.

7th grader, Golden Gate Middle School, Naples, Florida

You guys are really amazing, and I will listen to your music along with talking about funds and savings with my family. Thank you for showing us all about these things that we will need in the future.

Teacher, Little Flower High

I am a teacher at Little Flower High, and I have to say that your music and message are great. I wish I knew this when I was in high school. Going on 30, I am running out of time to save.

High School Junior, North East High School, St. Petersburg, Florida

Keep up the awesome work guys. You really inspire us to make better choices that will later on affect our lives in a positive way, You guys are an AMAZING band.

Sophomore, Lakewood High School, St Petersburg Florida

I really wanted to thank you guys for putting on such an amazing show and coming all the way out here to teach us what school hasn’t. I’m really glad I was able to shake Gooding’s hand and compliment Erin on how well she could sing. I wish I was able to do the same for Jesse and the bassist (I’m so sorry I forgot your name). I think you all are incredibly talented and I hope to be even a little like you as I continue to grow. After hearing you guys perform I can\‘t wait to go home and check out the rest of your music.

Thank you

Junior, Mount Pleasant High School, Delaware

Thank you so much for visiting my school!! It’s awesome how you make finances relatable and seem possible to keep a hold of! I can’t think of a better way to learn about my future than after a rock concert.


The concert was amazing, you are now on my top favorite bands. The message was beneficial and helped me to become more aware of my finances and help me begin to prepare for my future, especially with me going off to college. – High School Senior, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Senior, Mount Pleasant High School, Delaware

Man, can’t believe that you came to my school. Didn’t really know how finance and music relates. You taught me about finance, which I hadn’t really considered as a factor of life. What matters is that with careful and wise decisions that you make with your money, your possibilities can lead you to where your life should head.

Dawn Maddox, Raymond James, Sponsor

The band really kept their attention and they engaged all of the questions the students asked, even the personal ones. Our district superintendent kept the seniors after the program and spoke to the students directly stating that this would be the most powerful thing they would learn this school year. The school was accommodating and the band was not only professional but incredibly talented…Dr. Mark Holodick, Brandywine Superintendent, took me aside to mention how impressed he was not only with the performance but how the students were engaged.

11th Grader, Mount Pleasant High School, Delaware

You guys were great! Thank you guys for coming out and motivating us to have a great financial future! I have a new outlook on money and savings and I’m going to follow the steps. Hope you guys become a big hit!

11th grader, North Penn High School

I had recently asked my parents about establishing credit and saving, but they had very little answers for me, and it isn’t taught in school, so thank you for coming in and telling us about it! And I really like your music!

8th grader, Austin, TX

You guys are so talented! The music was so fresh and alive, I couldn’t get enough of it. I’m amazed by what y’all are doing, teaching the youth about finances is fantastic. I’m honestly so impressed and over all awestruck by you. Love y’all, rock on! – 8th grader, Austin, TX

Amy Carter, First Interstate Bank Billings, MT

The concerts in Billings were amazing. The concerts and message they did is just wonderful. The group was very friendly and the kids seemed to love them. The teachers were the most appreciative of the message. Because as many of them said we didn’t get talked to about these things when we were younger. Thanks again for the great program. It was very well received and appreciated. – Amy Carter, First Interstate Bank Billings, MT

Cheryl Holcomb, First Interstate Bank Gillette WY

I just got back from the concert and I would say that it was a complete success! The kids were engaged, the music was great, and the school administrators were very happy with the program. We had several bank employees show for the event, and they were all very impressed with the show. It was wonderful working with you to bring this program here to Gillette, and I hope that we will be able to work together again in the future. Good luck with your upcoming shows… I’m sure they’ll all be as successful as ours. – Cheryl Holcomb, First Interstate Bank Gillette WY

Andrew Borgialli, Teacher Gillette, WY

Campbell County High School (WY) had the honor of hosting GOODING and Funding the Future Live today as they shared the importance of Financial Literacy! We had this group come when I taught in Cheyenne and they did a great performance then and an Awesome show today!!! I think all parts of education are important, but as a Business Teacher, I’m biased in promoting how extremely important personal finance education is! Thank you to First Interstate Bank for sponsoring our show. – Andrew Borgialli, Teacher

High School Senior, Lincoln, NE

When you guys came to my school and talked about how you made your dream come true it made me think about me future and where I might be 10 years from now… Thank you for the inspiration and advice on saving early. – High School Senior, Lincoln, NE

Jenny Resnick, Associate Professor Accounting, Santa Monica College Santa Monica, CA

The impression about the event was quite unanimous – everyone who experienced it said they were impressed, moved or inspired. This event has truly surpassed our expectation in every possible way. Based on a show of hands at the event, the majority of the students who attended have never learned financial planning. They were exactly the audience we wanted to attract, and we are hopeful that this event will leave a good impression that motivates them to learn more – Jenny Resnick, Associate Professor, Accounting, Santa Monica College

Paul Hirsch, Principal, STEM Academy/Helen Bernstein Academy Hollywood, CA

Thank you so much for the Assembly yesterday! It was a huge success! I wasn’t able to visualize a rock concert around financial literacy until we experienced it and the kids loved it! Thank you! – Paul Hirsch, Principal, STEM Academy/Helen Bernstein Academy

You guys were awesome when you came to my school. I really enjoyed the performance, and the presentation and speech about budgeting and managing money really got to me, it got me thinking. I will definitely be using this. Thank you for that! And thanks for the great music!