Thank You Letter from New Kent HS to Sponsor, Virginia Credit Union

On behalf of New Kent High School, let me say a great big thank you for sponsoring the GOODING Concert and Financial Literacy Program at NKHS yesterday. It’s because of sponsors like you and a band like GOODING that partner with schools through out the country that students are learning SMART Goals about how to manage their money and invest in their future. This is such an important message for this generation. What an awesome opportunity it was for our students to have a rock concert here on campus and reinforce what they have been learning about financial literacy. We would welcome the opportunity to host GOODING again here at NKHS. We look forward to working with you again in the very near future.

You rock!

Senior, New Kent Schools, New Kent, VA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming and visiting New Kent schools and playing for us. And thank you so much for letting me meet you guys. In the small time that we talked it helped me see the possibilities that the future holds.

Student, Kearsley High School, Flint, MI

I loved when you came to Kearsley high school in flint. I loved the music. You guys made me stop and think of what i should do to pursue my dream job and dream goal. I will keep my head up high and never give up.

Junior, Kearsley High School, Flint, MI

I totally enjoyed the concert, the music, and the energy of the band. I am so happy I got to experience something like this! the financial advice and direction is so important to me, continue on with this! It’s awesome!

Freshman, Kearsley High School, Flint, MI

You inspired me to start caring about how I spend my money.

Junior, Kearsley High School, Flint, MI

You guys rock thank you very much for coming to my school. I really enjoyed your performance it was very cool. Also your speech after the music was very inspiring and made me want to put money into a ROTH IRA right now, and I will. Thank you!!

Freshman, Kearsley High School, Flint, MI

You guys visited Kearsley earlier today and you guys are awesome! will start my S.M.A.R.T goals when I’m 16, but soon I will get a job! You guys rock.

Freshman, Kearsley High School, Flint, MI

You guys are great. I feel like you’ve changed kids’ minds at my school, even mine. Rock on! I hope you guys go far.

Senior, Communication and Media Arts High School, Detroit, MI

The concert and music were great. Moreover, the thing that struck me was your concern about the youngsters and their financial situation. How to handle money and make proper use of it. I loved the speech and the energy was great.

Junior, John F Kennedy High School, Taylor, MI

The concert was awesome and so much fun. The talk about credit scores was very useful and I am going to use all of your tips. And please keep doing what you do because a lot of kids can use those tips.

Teacher, Clarenceville Schools, Livonia, MI

The program was amazing! Our students really enjoyed the show and I think they learned quite a bit too. For our seniors, this really enforced the ideas we have been teaching in our personal finance classes. For our juniors, I think it opened their eyes to what is to come. Thanks again!

9th Grader, Warren Woods Tower, Warren, MI

Love your guys music. I think the way you guys can go to different schools in different states and teach them how to start early with saving money to make a life and not to be struggling is amazing and I love it!

12th Grader, Meridian High School, Indianapolis, IA

You guys rock and really changed my mind about how I should save money and not spend and put it in a savings account.

9th Grader, Longmont High School, Longmont, CO

I had a plan for my finance but you guys made me rethink it. Thank you guys so much for coming to Colorado and teaching us about Financial literacy so that we could probably have a better future!! You guys were awesome and I live your music as well!!

7th Grader, Hastings Middle School, Hastings, NE

You guys were so awesome and so good at playing! Everybody at my school is still talking about it after a week.

Mathematics Teacher, Nebraska City High School, Nebraska City, NE

I am a Mathematics Teacher here at Nebraska City High School. This was an awesome presentation. Your message is very valuable, both monetarily and spiritually. Please keep up the hard work. I enjoyed the sound of the band. Thank you. Mr. Girard

6th Grader, Gretna Middle School, Omaha NE

I love your music! I really want you to come back to our school next year. You taught me so much, and I feel like managing my money seems so much easier now that I know more about how it works. Thank you so much!

8th grader, Crosby Middle School, Louisville, KY


I was at your all’s AWESOME concert and liked how you talked about saving money for the future. So far I have saved 10 dollars from my last allowance.

Thank you guys so much!!!

10th grader, Saint Francis Borgia Regional High School, Washington MO

Your music is awesome & I really enjoyed the concert. Also, your talk about finances taught me a lot, especially helping me to realize that managing money isn’t as hard as I thought. I even met you all in person, & you are all super cool. ROCK ON!!

9th Grader, Saint Francis Borgia Regional High School, Washington MO

You were all so amazing today, and the concert was so enjoyable. I followed you on social media! Not only was your music amazing, but so was your presentation. Some people don’t make them interesting or fun, but this presentation was made very creatively + I will definitely use some of this in the future!! Thank you all for the guitar pic, the poster, the sticker, for letting me and my friends get a picture with you, and for being so friendly!

I just want to say that I am a fan of you guys now. It was a great vibe you put off, and great information you gave us. Thank you guys for coming to Orange High (literally in the middle of nowhere) and giving us a great show/ advice!