Junior, Hinkley High School, Colorado

I loved your music, really appreciate that the band is doing this because many of us don’t know how to save money. Unfortunately, we live in a world where everything is money and we all need to know how to save it and be responsible with it.

Junior, Hinkley High School, Colorado

Love your guys music. I think the way you guys go to different schools in different states and teach us how to start early with saving money to make a life and not to be struggling is amazing and I love it!

Senior, Gateway High School, CO

I love how well the music was written. It was so catchy which made me want to listen to more. What I thought was great is that the students get to learn about real world situations which no one else teaches.

Seventh Grader, Omar D Blair School, Denver, CO

Thank you guys so much. I love your music. I’ve been listing all day long after you came to my school today. Thank you for telling me to save money and I will open a savings account for myself.

Junior, Jamestown High School, ND

You guys were awesome when you came to my school. I really enjoyed the performance, and the presentation and speech about budgeting and managing money really got to me, it got me thinking. I will definitely be using this. Thank you for that! And thanks for the great music!

Teacher, Beach High School, ND

Best assembly (tie with Kat Perkins) in my 18 years of education at Beach High School. The music was outstanding and the message was even better. Young adults look up to musicians it is very refreshing to see a band that can put out a great product and be a POSITIVE role model. I would recommend this band to any high school their message needs to be heard. Keep rocking! You made a difference today in the lives of our students.

Fourth Grader, RMMHS, Wyoming

Thanks. I had no idea financial literacy was so important. I will try to keep hearing your words and start saving now.”

Senior, Powell High School, WY

I loved your message you gave to our school and I loved the music as well.

Sophomore, Hayfield Secondary School, Fairfax, VA

Thanks for the excellent show and the advice on saving – I’m gonna start saving away money in a compound interest account ASAP.

Sophomore, Quince Orchard High School, Sandy Spring, MD

You guys are probably the most down to earth kind of band I’ve met but at the same time you are not. You were great on stage and your performance blew me away. I am so glad you came to our school. I LOVE YOU.

Freshman, Quince Orchard High School, Sandy Spring, MD

You just played at Quince Orchard today and I came in thinking it was just a regular old boring event. YOU TOTALLY CHANGED MY PERSPECTIVE and I thank you for giving such a great performance today. :)

Junior, Quince Orchard High School, Sandy Spring, MD

You did a great job there guys and I love how you’re not just doing your thing and playing music but also taking time to educate students about their future and how they can make it better. Keep up the good work guys!

Sophomore, Hermitage High School, Richmond, VA

I really believe your band is making a big impact on our society. Not only was your music really good, but somehow you made economics fun.

Sophomore, New Kent Schools, New Kent, VA

Thank you for taking your time to come out to New Kent High School to perform for us, it was a really enjoyable experience for me. I really thought that you all were very great musicians and I hope that you continue to live up this dream that you all have for your future. I also want to thank you for taking the time to give us valuable information that we will need as we get older. I think that you showed not only me but others about how important money is and how we need to find a budget. I have learned that I do not want to get older and become a mess because I do not know how to handle money but I want to create a dream that you guys also created and form it into my own and have great money management. I really enjoyed your concert and I hope that you continue giving this life lesson to all others around the world. I am really glad that you took the chance to come out to New Kent High School and show us how you play and also the valuable life lessons that can really help how I am when I get older.

Sophomore, Hermitage High School, Richmond, VA

Love your music and love what you’re doing. You’re gonna be a big impact on some of these kids’ lives and I’m one of them. Thanks

Sophomore, New Kent Schools, New Kent, VA

Thank you Gooding, You taught me to be a little more successful in my life.

Freshman, Hermitage High School, Richmond, VA

Thank you for teaching us about how to manage our money and make sure we don’t dig a financial hole for ourselves. Also, I really enjoyed your music. I went home and listened to more. I’m definitely going to try to see you guys again if possible. Thank you!

4th grader, New Kent Schools, New Kent, VA

Hey, I really enjoyed your performance. I’m lucky to have seen that and also receive some neat lessons about responsibility and prioritizing. Thanks so much for coming to my school and giving us your time. I like your music a lot. I needed that.

Senior, Orange High, Orange, NJ

I just want to say that I am a fan of you guys now. It was a great vibe you put off, and great information you gave us. Thank you guys for coming to Orange High (literally in the middle of nowhere) and giving us a great show/ advice!

Sophomore, New Kent Schools, New Kent, VA

Thank you for performing at New Kent High School! Your wisdom has encouraged me to invest in a Roth IRA. I am looking forward to having money set aside for retirement that has accumulated interest throughout my life! Thanks so much!

You guys were great! Thank you guys for coming out and motivating us to have a great financial future! I have a new outlook on money and savings and I’m going to follow the steps. Hope you guys become a big hit!