Sophomore, Lincoln High School, NE

July 19, 2018

Your music is highkey good and i think its rad that you’re doing the whole rockenomics thing!!

Junior, Lincoln High School, NE

July 19, 2018

Hi Carter and company!! Today you came and performed at my school. to put it simply, you guys were amazing. The energy of the whole band onstage was electrifying, and really allowed me to get into th…

The impression about the event was quite unanimous – everyone who experienced it said they were impressed, moved or inspired. This event has truly surpassed our expectation in every possible way. Based on a show of hands at the event, the majority of the students who attended have never learned financial planning. They were exactly the audience we wanted to attract, and we are hopeful that this event will leave a good impression that motivates them to learn more – Jenny Resnick, Associate Professor, Accounting, Santa Monica College