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Hear about our programs from the people who know best— the students, parents and teachers who have spent time with them! Read GOODING’S testimonials and read Nancy’s testimonials for more information.

It was really special and the thanks goes to you. We will have them back (if they are willing) and I really appreciated how real and down to earth the band was with the kids. I asked Gooding if he would be willing to meet the kids in the special needs programs (life skills) and he was very gracious. He said yes on top of everything else they were doing. The impact he made on that group of 5 kids will be felt for a life time. This was the single best donation/give away that I have ever been associated with. The impact will be real…… So again….THANK YOU! – John Coyne, President/CEO, Big Horn Federal Savings Bank, Greybull, WY