Financial Literacy Tour

Through a concert, multimedia presentation and talkback, this show covers the importance of developing good saving habits early, types of debt available to students, wise use of debt, the dangers of too much debt and high interest debt/payday lenders, how credit scores work, and how to control spending through tracking. budgeting and goal setting. Gooding suggests students look to their communities for support and mentorship, while he exposes the myth of rock stars, athletes and actors who sell the false image of overnight success.

Students who do not receive this message early may find themselves carrying too much debt, at risk of dropping out of college, or otherwise deferring their dreams. Young people from unbanked families are especially at risk.


Topics covered:

  • Following your passion
  • The importance of habits of self-reliance and self-control
  • Earning, saving, spending, investing, giving
  • Credit scores: how you get one, why they matter
  • Loans and interest rates – when loans make sense and how to identify predatory lenders
  • The benefit of compound interest especially for young people
  • Pitfalls: without good habits, lottery winnings, an inheritance, a record deal or a pro-sports deal won’t solve money problems
  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • Finding mentors in your community


“There are no short cuts or quick fixes. The hype of overnight success in sports, music and acting can lead us to believe that our day to day discipline and the mentors in our own communities don’t have value, when these are THE MOST important resources we have.” - Gooding

I would like to pass along some words of praise that were given to me by the ATB Call Centre. Sometime ago I guess Gooding Music came into the school & played music for about an hour then they were talking to the kids about finance. My daughter had come home saying that she needed to open a saving account and could she get a credit card to get a good credit rating by using the credit card to buy one thing & pay it off. Back when we were picking options for Grade 10 I tried to get her to take a personal finance option, I was not successful. This presentation taught her in one after noon what her father & I had been trying to teach her since she started getting an allowance.
ATB was absolutely thrilled to hear why I was calling to make an appointment for my daughter to get a savings account; they wanted to know which school my daughter attended. They said that often in the banking world they get young people who really don’t have a clue on what a bank is for or how they would go about getting a mortgage. They encouraged my daughter to call in anytime she had a question about finances and assured me that they don’t bite! I just wanted to pass along a thank you very much for reaching a teenage girl with some very practical advice. – Corrinne, Canadian Parent