Funding the Future Board Members

Michele DeHoff

AVP / Commercial Lender, Jonah Bank
Cheyenne, WY

Brandy Marrou, CPA

Board Treasurer
Partner, McGee Hearne & Paiz, LLP
Cheyenne, WY

Mindy Wilson

Board Secretary
Full-time mom; former nonprofit Development Associate
Boulder, CO

Patina Grayson

Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Volunteers of America
Denver, CO

Colleen Schon

Senior Vice President, Investments
Anthem Advisors of Raymond James
Clarkston, MI

Sacha Millstone

Board President
Senior Vice President, Investments
Millstone Evans Group of Raymond James
Boulder, CO

Nicole Spinelli

Director of the WISE Group, LFN
Largo, FL

Ilona Box

Board Vice President
Vice President, Investments
Church and Box Group of Raymond James
Naples, FL

Dayn Conrad

Land Investment Expert
Velur Enterprises Inc.
Hollywood, CA

John Ehlers

Land Investment Expert
Velur Enterprises Inc.
Hollywood, CA

Mimie Yoon-Lee

Manager of Advisor Training
Lincoln Financial
San Ramon, CA

Jecorey “1200” Arthur

Music Director/Educator & Rap Artist
Louisville, KY

Kathie Broyles

Branding and Identity
Adjunct Instructor
CBS Network
Former SVP & Creative Director CBS Network
Denver, CO 80206

Advisory Board Members

Nancy Phillips

Youth Finance Author/Speaker
Zela Wela Kids
Kelowna, British Columbia

Jennifer Davidson

President, Nebraska Council on Economic Education
Assistant Professor of Practice in Economics
College of Business Administration
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE

Leilani Lim-Villegas

Financial Education Coordinator
Texas Department of Banking
Austin, TX

Laurie Futterman

Science Educator
Miami Dade School District
Miami, FL

Lisza Gulyas

Land Investment Specialist
Velur Enterprises Inc.
Denver, CO

Sara Weber

Owner/Marketing Specialist
Trophy Creative
Cheyenne, WY

Timari Caster

Business Liaison and Academy Coach
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
Nashville, TN

I would like to pass along some words of praise that were given to me by the ATB Call Centre. Sometime ago I guess Gooding Music came into the school & played music for about an hour then they were talking to the kids about finance. My daughter had come home saying that she needed to open a saving account and could she get a credit card to get a good credit rating by using the credit card to buy one thing & pay it off. Back when we were picking options for Grade 10 I tried to get her to take a personal finance option, I was not successful. This presentation taught her in one after noon what her father & I had been trying to teach her since she started getting an allowance.
ATB was absolutely thrilled to hear why I was calling to make an appointment for my daughter to get a savings account; they wanted to know which school my daughter attended. They said that often in the banking world they get young people who really don’t have a clue on what a bank is for or how they would go about getting a mortgage. They encouraged my daughter to call in anytime she had a question about finances and assured me that they don’t bite! I just wanted to pass along a thank you very much for reaching a teenage girl with some very practical advice. – Corrinne, Canadian Parent