Gooding Presents Financial Literacy Tour


The driving purpose and overall mission of “Funding the Future” is to educate students across the country on the importance of smart financial decisions, through a multimedia presentation including music, video and an inspirational message shared by a musical celebrity. Funding the Future emphasizes the importance of financial literacy at a young age.

Participants learn tools to make informed decisions throughout their lives, gaining the discipline and confidence to see their own dreams as possibilities. Financial success for students who avoid debt and make sound financial decisions has a significant impact on their future success in their lives, families, communities, and even the environment.

Funding the Future is a tax exempt organization under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We can only achieve our goals with the assistance of generous donations from people who care about the futures of our young people. Without these donations, teaching these kids and their families nationwide would not be possible. Donate here.

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Yesterday NPR had a report on research about what actually makes the most difference in a child’s progress and success in later life. Reading to the child early on was number one. Next was having a mentor or adults that showed interest. That is what you and your group are doing. It isn’t even about the message of financial responsibility. It is that you care enough about their future to do ANYTHING! It is the caring that matters more than the message. Teens are not naive. They know a lot of work, dollars, and concern for their future goes in to the events you arrange. That is much more important than the message. (Although the message is needed!). Keep it up, With much appreciation for your contributions. – Funding the Future Donor