Financial Literacy Tour

Funding the Future Presents Financial Empowerment

Gooding was recently featured on NPR’s show, All Things Considered! Catch the show here to learn why one rock band is on a mission to teach students financial literacy.

Featuring GOODING

Using the power of a live rock performance and their own personal story, GOODING inspires young people, showing them how smart financial decisions will help them see their own dreams as possibilities.

“My job is for them to suspend disbelief for 10 or 15 minutes, while they’re still in that rock ‘n roll mode, and explain to them that financial literacy gives you the freedom to do what you want with the rest of your life.” – GOODING

Learn more about GOODING’S Financial Literacy Tour and see what financial literacy is like with GOODING.

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Funding the Future Presents Financial and Life Success Skills

Featuring Nancy Phillips

Effective personal money management is an essential life skill. No one is born with it, but everyone can learn it. Through her powerful, interactive program, Nancy helps young people become more financially knowledgeable and set themselves up for success.

Nancy also teaches parents, grandparents, and teachers how to teach financial literacy skills to kids.

Learn more about Nancy’s Financial Literacy programs today.

Daily financial decisions and habits impact every aspect of a person’s life: long term health, happiness, financial well-being, the achievement of their hopes and dreams. Our youth deserve to learn these critical life skills. - Nancy